EFG America

Rubber Masterbatch Production 


EFG America is executing a complete paradigm shift for the world of rubber recycling and recovery. We can put the waste rubber back into new rubber products replacing large amount of virgin materials. The technology is simple, effective, efficient and non-polluting.

Rubber is a material that we cannot live without; it is a resilient material that absorbs punishment, cushions us, transports us and provides recreation; it is hard to imagine our world without rubber. These very properties that make rubber so valuable, also make if very difficult to recycle. Tires are highly engineered to not come apart, to withstand extreme temperatures, extreme forces, abrasion and heavy loads while simultaneously quietly cushioning the passengers from all of these conditions.

The EFG America technology provides the company with a unique solution to recover valuable new rubber compound from the 300,000,000 tires that come off the road in North America each year.

We invite you to watch or participate in the EFG Rubber Revolution.